Madrid, Pick of the week 30 August-5 September 2010

Juergen Teller. Calves thighs.Photoespana full exposicion. Madrid

VNV NATION concert. Sala Heineken. C/Princesa, 1. Madrid. 4/09/2010

Victory Not Vengeance Nation (VNV Nation) was born in London fifteen years ago. Original name served to frame a group that would not be conventional: cold electronic basis on which they develop strong songs, the mix of personality technology, dark landscapes of his compositions and How deep the issues convinced the public late nineties. His new work is' Of Faith Power and Glory'si does such an evolution, not away group's initial style.
Sushi Itto Recoletos Restaurant. C/Recoletos, 10. Madrid.
Close to our Recoletos apartment, you can find Sushi Itto restaurant. This restaurant's chain are decorated informal and classically Japanese, minimalist, elegant and harmonious. The letter Nippon delights ranging from the rolls prepared on the bar, teppanyaki, tempura and sushi, to a demonstration recommended tasting menu. Beverages can be sake, Japanese beer or green tea among others.
Juergen Teller. Calves & Thighs. PhotoEspaña. C/Alcalá, 31, Madrid.
10/06/2010 al 19/09/2010
Central located you close to our Chueca's Apartment , you can make ajuergen teller. calves thighs. photoespana full exposicion1 150x150 Madrid, Pick of the week 30 August 5 September 2010 tour of the photographs and publications of the famous fashion photographer, creator of campaigns for brands like Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang. It includes 140 works that offer a tour of the work of German photographer. In addition to a selection of his photographic series, the exhibition presents a selection of printed materials (magazines, books, etc..) and a video.

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