Madrid Pick of the week 31 May-6 June 2010

Festival de Otoño Barcelona

El Escaldon (Calle Cava Baja 29)
El Escaldo is the only restaurant in Madrid with a Canary cuisine. Ground floor is home to the raciones (large sized portions of tapas) and the first floor houses the restaurant itself. Many ´Canaria´, the island people, find themselves very at home when dining at El Escladon. The cheese chorizo is truly high class. The portions are of large size, while the prices aren´t high.
This restaurant is located in the Latina-area.

Festival de Otoño (12 May-6 June)Festival de Otoño 194x300 Madrid Pick of the week 31 May 6 June 2010
Every year the province of Madrid hosts this festival. The eclectic programme sees music, theatre, dance and circus events laid on throughout the capital and its environs. Breaking with convention, the 2010 Autumn Festival has changed its usual November date and takes place in spring this year. Visitors can still expect a packed schedule of shows performed by both Spanish and international troupes.
This festival takes place throughout the city. All Madrid apartments.

Willem de Pannemaker. The Mercury Series (1 June-26 September – Prado Museum)
Madrid's Prado Museum brings together the eight intricate tapestries of The Mecury Series by Willem de Pannemaker. Belgian Pannemaker was regarded as one of the greatest weavers of the Flemish Renaissance, producing detailed masterpieces for European royal families and aristocrats.
This apartment
is located near this museum.

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