Madrid Pick of the week 7-13 June 2010

Madrid, Photo España Festival 2010

Colonia del Sacramento (Plaza Comandante las Morenas 3)
This Uruguayan Steakhouse is cozy and has a fine service. All the meat is being grilled over open fire, which is a true recommendation for the meat eaters amongst us. The kitchen is open, so you can see extensively how your meal is being prepared. Uruguay lies close to Buenos Aires: the city that invented the tango. It explains the spectacular dance performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. In short: a good restaurant with an excellent atmosphere.
La Latina-area

San Antonio de la Florida Fiesta (San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage – 13 June)
Residents of Madrid's Moncloa-Aravaca district honour their patron saint, San Antonio de la Florida, with a vibrant fiesta. Men and women in traditional costume dance the choti and pasodoble in squares around the San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage. The highlight of the fiesta is the fortune-telling baptismal font. Women have to throw thirteen pins into the font and then dip their right hand in. The number of pins that remain stuck to your hand tells you how many suitors you will have in the following year.

PhotoEspaña (9 June-25 July)Madrid Photo España Festival 150x150 Madrid Pick of the week 7 13 June 2010
PhotoEspaña is a major international festival of photography and visual arts featuring exhibitions, debates and masterclasses. Budding photographers from far and wide enter the competition Descubrimientos PHE ('Discoveries'), with the hope of their photographic talents being spotted. Aside from the competitive aspect of the festival, there is also a section devoted to great masters of photography.
This festival will be held at many galeries and museums throughout the city.

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