Madrid, Pick of the week 9-15 August 2010

The Time Capsule. Madrid

The time capsule. From Absolutism to Liberalism in the foundations of Cervantes. Real Casa de Correos. Puerta del Sol, 7. Madrid. 27/07- 15/09/2010

la capsula del tiempo. del absolutismo al liberalismo en los cimientos de cervantes full exposicion2 150x150 Madrid, Pick of the week 9 15 August 2010During the remodeling of the Plaza de las Cortes de Madrid which took place last year, they discovered a lead box, hermetically sealed, under the statue of Cervantes. On December 15,  2009, archaeologists removed the capsule from the pedestal of the monument . The chest had been deposited 175 years earlier, full of objects that would be released the Spain of that time  Now, the exposure. explain the context of the first third of the nineteenth century, both in regard to daily life as the political and military vicissitudes of time.

Parrilla Argentina Beef Restaurant Place. C/Flor Baja, 1. Gran Via. Madrid.

Beef Restaurants Place, turn their work around one basic idea: Honesty on Quality The cornerstone of their restaurants is the Beef bred and fed exclusively with natural grasses of the Pampas Argentina. The best beef in the world and biological in nature. Their service that stands out for its professionalism and kindness.

Pereza in Concert. Pz. Mayor de Chinchón. Chinchón (Madrid). 13/08/2010

Do not want to pigeonhole in any musical style, but the fact is that Perez is much closer to the poppy rock than any other genre. The Madrid group was released with numerous concerts throughout the national territory. His compositions mixed choirs, guitarists riffs and even disco rhythms. After the success with 'Animals' and 'Approaches', come with 'aircraft'.

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