Madrid, Sukothay Restaurant. Paseo De La Castellana, 105

Restaurante Sukothay. Paseo de la Castellana. Madrid

Sukothay Restaurant. Paseo de la Castellana, 105. Madrid

restaurante madrid Madrid, Sukothay Restaurant. Paseo De La Castellana, 105

Rachel and Esther Medina opened the doors of this restaurant in April 2002 with the idea to set up a new concept of the oriental cuisine in the capital. It was the first tavern offering simultaneously Japanese and Thai food in seperate settings, respecting their cultural differences through a very detailed decoration with a clear touch of cosmopolitan. The philosophy is to offer two exquisite menus without fusion, without any mixture of ingredients, with typical dishes from both cuisines and with multiple combinations possible to attract the uninitiated to the oriental cuisine and take them into the mysteries and exoticism of these ancient cultures.
Today, Sukothay is allready a true culinary reference and a must-visit for all the oriental purism lovers. It should be noted, menu Sensay, a delicious journey through the history of the restaurant through our most requested dishes over the years and based on four pillars, have been served to consolidate its cuisine: exotic, through the skilful combination of unusual flavors and aromas in our culture; originality, to dare and attract their proposals; lightness, that appeals the two kitchens that are characterized by its low calorie level and are suitable for any time of the day or night; and health, thanks to the perfect mix of healhty cooking and also special sense.

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