Marbella – The Feast of San Martin

Dia de San Martin


San Martin Marbella 300x171 Marbella – The Feast of San Martin

The festive day – the Feast of San Martin – takes place on the 11th November every year to celebrate San Martin and prepare the city for the winter.

San Martin or St. Martin, was a Roman soldier, who is known from a famous legend. He is remembered to give away half of his mantle to a beggar, to save him from freezing in a cold winter night.

In the towns of Andalusia, this day is celebrated to prepare for the winter. It’s a traditional autumn fiesta, where ham and sausages are prepared from pigs, to store it for the winter. The whole day involves a lot of drinking and eating and storing pork for cold weather. It’s indeed not a day for animal lovers, as the slaughtering of pigs is celebrated traditionally. It’s important for the people to store the food for the winter, to be prepared the wholte city for for autumn and winter.

In other countries the St. Martin’s day is also celebrated. However, it is often celebrated in a totally different way.

In most parts of Germany, there is for example the so called St. Martin’s procession, where kids walk as a group through the streets with their self-made lanterns, singing songs and celebrating the wholly St. Martin. Afterwards, there is usually is St. Martin’s fire, where the famous legend is reenacted. Later in the evening, the children go from door to door, singing traditional songs with their lanterns, and receive sweets or fruits.

marbella saint martin 241x300 Marbella – The Feast of San Martin

Indeed, the traditions are rather differently, but every country and region has its own special traditions. That’s exactly the way it should be ;).

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