March 2016 is promising to be an exciting month in Barcelona. We have already listed some ideas to do for this month

Real Madrid 2016 Champions League

March 2016 is promising to be an exciting month in Barcelona. We have already listed some ideas to do for this month. With the Champions Leauge match against Arsenal and different kind of festivals. You can be sure that you won´t get bored during your stay in the Catalan city. 

FC Barcelona

Fc Barcelona plays 2 games at home during the month of March. on wednesday the 16th, FC Barcelona will try to defend the 2-0 score against Arsenal. Will they succeed to go to the next tround in the Champions Leauge ? 

FC Barcelona – Getafe CF 12/03/2016
FC Barcelona – Arsenal 16/03/2016

Barcelona - Arsenal 2015 Champions League

Marathon Barcelona

On the 13th of March 2016, The 38th edition of the Zurich marato de Barcelona will be hold in the catalan city. 
The course is one of the most attractive in Europe. The favorable climatology that characterizes Barcelona combined with a fully urban circuit that passes through the main landmarks of great interest for the runner.

Race start: 8:30 am, in Avinguda María Cristina.
Approximate finish time for first runners: 10:40 am, in Avinguda María Cristina. 
Time limit: 6 hours from the start of the race.

Zurich Marathon Barcelona

Festes de Sant Medir

Festes de Sant Medir is an annual festival in March which will take place in the Gracia Area. The Festes de Sant Medir is a religious festival with parades and choral singing at Gracia and various other venues to celebrate the legend of Saint Medir which is about a religious farmer who went through a miracle because of his religious inclinations.

The festival is unique because of the high amount of sweets that are given away every year. The festival includes a big parade which will travel through the streets of Gracia. 


Barcelona Beer Festival 

This year will be the fifth edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival, The festival could be seen as a meeting point for people who love craft beer. The goal of the festival is to spreak the culture of high quality crafted beer. The festival is therefore not only a opportunity to party, but also a chance to improve your knowledge about the famous alcoholic drink. 

During the event, there is a very wide range of beer ( 300! different types) to choose. Which will give you the ideal opportunity to taste the diferences between them. 

The Festival has its own glass and coins that you can purchase in the sell points. You will be served only in the Festival glass and you can only pay in Festival coins. The entrance to the Festival includes the glass, the booklet and the first two coins. Not all beers has the same price, it depends on the production costs for each beer. There is a large bar with 60 taps where all the different 300 beers rotate.

Due to the fact that likes and interests of everyone are unpredictable, we can't assure when a certain beer is going to come up. But we’ll make an effort to have an equilibrium of styles, origins and interests at all times.

The event will take place in the Barcelona Maritime Museum and will be from friday 04/03 till sunday 06/03. 

Barcelona Beer Festival 2016

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Pedrera apartment 2016

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