March in Florence


Another great destination to travel to in March is the beautiful city of Florence. Check out what to do there during springtime and note down our chosen event-tips for your perfect stay.

Aldo Fallai – From Giorgio Armani To The Renaissance: Everybody who loves fashion AND art should definitely mark this event. From January 10th to March 16th at the Villa Bardini there is a marvelous exhibition of the well-known artist Aldo Fallai which is called “From Giorgio Armani To The Renaissance”. Showing 200 photographs shot between 1978 and 2013 Aldo Fallai gives an impression of his great career during the change of time. Being especially famous for his collaboration with fashion mogul Giorgio Armani the exhibition holds some of the most important pieces of advertising campaigns of the last decades. Known for not only showing the superficial face of the fashion industry, Fallai succeeds in presenting real emotions through his models that go beyond just clothes. Worth seeing!

aldo fallai March in Florence

TASTE: From fashion to food – this is a yummy experience for sure! “TASTE” is back and puts the city of Florence right in the spotlight of the world of food. From March 8th to 10th the ninth edition of this food fair takes place at the Stazione Leopolda and offers much more than just a bunch of snacks. For an entrance fee of 15€ each people can not only watch different chefs cook, but also find out what’s new in food lifestyle, gastronomy and table design. In absolute dedication to quality food and drinks 300 firms will be participating to present their innovations, products and ideas. Sounds fun? More information can be found here.

taste florence March in Florence

Antique Market – Fortezza Antiquaria: Whoever thinks shopping is just ordering a new pair of jeans online really needs to experience the world of vintage. One great way to start old-school-shopping is at the “Fortezza Antiquaria”, probably the most famous antique market of Florence. Being not swamped by expensive wholesalers this market holds around 120 small antique dealers who offer all different kinds of lovely stuff. From jewelry, over clothes to cute odds and ends – you really have the opportunity to discover your very own treasure and enjoy the magical flair of nostalgia. Taking place every 3rd weekend of each month (in March this is the 15th and 16th) from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm at Giardino della Fortezza there is luckily more than just one opportunity to go.

antique market florence March in Florence

Florentine New Year: The Florentines must definitely be some people who love celebration – because when for all of us March isn’t a month too exciting, they just tune up and celebrate their very own New Year’s Party! Going back to the announcement of archangel Gabriel of the impending motherhood of Virgin Mary precisely nine month before Christmas, in the early days Florence therefore chose to celebrate New Year's on March 25th. Only in the 18th century it was decided to join the rest of the world and celebrate the beginning of a new year officially in the night of December 31st. Nevertheless it still is a lovely tradition which is worshipped by being an official holiday in the area of Florence and is even celebrated with a big parade. Starting at the Palazzo Vecchio the festivity fills the whole city with music and dancing. This is truly one unique chance of experiencing the traditional vibe of Italy. Just follow this link and find some more information.

new year florence March in Florence


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