MEN’S EDITION: 10 Grooming Must-Packs for Summer Holidays


Beauty is not just something girls are interested in. Today’s modern men take good care of their looks as well and it’s not rare to see quiet an impressive collection of treatment products labeled with “for men” in a couple’s bathroom. Therefore it is just fair – since we already presented cosmetics for women the other day – to publish our choice of the Top 10 grooming products every cultivated male traveler should pack for his summer vacation.  
Hair Wax: Who can spend hours with hairstyling when there is so much to discover during the holidays? Therefore Hair Wax is the perfect product for all of those who don’t want their hair to be totally undone without over-styling it. Hair Wax is perfect for easy day looks and does also survive a day at the beach. Just put a little bit into the palm of your hand, go gently through your hair – and it’s done. Try the one from Redken.


Sun protection: Just like everybody else, men have to protect their skin carefully from the, hopefully, hot summer sun. A sunburn is not just annoying, but also unhealthy and unsightly. So be smart and protect the skin you’re living in.

Moisturizer: It is safe to say that you’re skin needs special treatment during the warmer months. Being dryer than usual as a result of all the sunbathing and saltwater it really needs an extra amount of moisture. Special moisturizers for face and body are not just good for your skin’s condition but are also refreshing and pampering.

Eye Gel: Usually summer vacation does not just mean long days at the beach, but also long nights at clubs and bars. While women hide evidences of a rough evening with concealer, in general men do not use make-up in such cases. To brighten up your tired eyes just put on some eye gel and you will feel and see the difference right away. Very easy to handle are special roll-ons, e.g. from Clinique.

After Shave Balm: Shaving always irritates the skin. When sun, sand and saltwater is added to this general stress, the intensity of treatment definitely needs to be raised. Using an After Shave Balm is indispensable to sooth your skin and prepare it for another day of strain. Another bonus: after shave balm helps with keeping away these unappealing little reddenings.

Lip Guard: Who likes dry lips? In fact, nobody does – especially not when it comes to a hot summer flirt. While women can be trickery on covering things up with sparkly lipgloss and Co., men have a distinct disadvantage in this case. So, since any kind of deception doesn’t seem possible, dear guys, please use lip guard. Soft lips are so much better to kiss. Great fo men and women: Burt's Bees Lip Care Stick.

Ladykiller Fragrances: When the sun goes down and you change your trunks against a fancy button-down shirt, a hot fragrance is as important as the right pair of boots. Our selection to make ladies melt with smelling fresh to death: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, Lacoste Eau de Lacoste and Calvin Klein CK One Summer.

Foot Deodorant: When the climate is getting warmer women change quickly from boots to ballerinas, high-heels and Co. to free their winter depressed feet. Of course, men can also slip into some Flip Flops or sandals, but in fact it’s more likely to see males walking around in sneakers even though 30C has long been exceeded. To protect yourself – and anyone in your surrounding – from a bad smell surprise, invest in some good foot deodorant. Nobody will regret it 😉

Brow Gel: Up in 2014 it is not too fancy anymore for drugstores to sell or for male shoppers to buy make-up-products especially for men. Therefore we are not shy to recommend a great feature to a well equipped modern men: brow gel. You can either get it in seethrough just to modify your eyebrows or also in colored to intensify them and strengthen your look. Be confident and try it! Search for your match on

Hand Cream: Ask a girl what she thinks is important to a man’s appearance and she is very likely to say his hands. Groomed hands are not just hygienic but do also proof a certain way of class. Especially summer and beach season can damage even generally soft hands badly – so put a little tube of hand cream in your backpack and be prepared. Especially manly is the O’Keefe’s Working Hands Cream 🙂


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