La Mercé Festival in Barcelona 2015

Festa de la merce 2015 poster

The ultimate Final-summer event in Barcelona, you don`t want to miss!!!


Festa de la merce 2015 poster La Mercé Festival in Barcelona 2015

Still a few weeks of waiting, and then it finally comes so far. Friday the 18th of September will be the beginning of the very populair barcelonic party “La Mercé Festival”.The event will take 5 days and is a festival held in honour of mare de due la merce, the patron saint of Barcelona. The edition of 2015 is promised to be another great opporunity to witness the great tradition and celebration of the Catalan culture.

With almost 2 million visitors, the street will be filled with all kind of events. There will be many events during this festival in the crowded streets of Barcelona. One of the greatest events that will take place is the ¨correfoc¨ which is translated to the firerun.

A hell-themed parade in which groups individuals dressed as devils (Colles de Diables) together with Bestiari de Foc ( Fire dragon displays) spray the croud with fireworks and sparklers. The spectators that participate,dress to protect themselves against small burns ( long sleeves, protective glasses, a hat and a scarf to tie around your face) using  and attempt to get as close as possible to the devils.

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Vistaprincipal saturado La Mercé Festival in Barcelona 2015

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