Romanticismo Museum- Madrid

museum romantic madrid  Romanticismo Museum  Madrid

It is located in a characteristic 18th century palace in the heart of the city, housing Romanticism exhibits, including important pieces by the leading artists of the time. Other works on display include 19th century decorative objects, while the most famous masters featured in the collection include Goya, Federico de Madrazo, and Leonardo Alenza.

The museum captures the essence of Madrid's 19th century middle-class life through its furniture, china, pianos, and other household objects spread through several rooms.

Portraits of the royal family, military and political leaders, and of popular artists of the time decorate the walls. Some of those artists include Salvador Gutierrez, Ribera, and Esquivel.

Place : Calle San Mateo, 13
It opens : Tuesday to Sunday
More information : Museo del Romanticismo

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