Musical Les Miserables Rome. June 2011

los miserables 226x300 Musical Les Miserables Rome. June 2011

Habitat apartments during your stay in Rome you recommend this wonderful musical!

The 12th of June musical Les miserables coming to Rome. Based upon Victor Hugo´s famous novel, we follow Jean Valjean, a man condemned to 19 years of hard labor for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family, who finds only hatred and suspicion when he is released on parole

Meeting one man who believes in him, Valjean breaks his parole to begin a new life, pursued by the righteous police inspector Javert. Against the sweeping landscape of early 19th century France, we follow his adoption and love of the orphan Cosette, to the darkly funny plots of the thiving Thenardiers, from the soaring revolutionary fire of the student rebels who fight on the barricade in the streets of Paris to the final confrontation between Jean Valjean and Javert.

One of the world’s longest-running musicals, the story of Les Misérables is one of love, courage and redemption.The tickets are between 29 and 49 euro.

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