National windmill day. Amsterdam.

Molino de viento.Amsterdam

molens National windmill day. Amsterdam.National windmill day.

This May you’ll be able to enjoy ‘Windmills day’, which is considered a national holiday in Amsterdam.  Do not miss this special occasion by visiting Habitat Apartaments and renting an Amsterdam apartment to celebrate this festive day together with the local Dutch people.

Holland is famous for its windmills which in the past were originally built to help the Dutch deal with the water shortage. A large number of windmills can be seen all over Holland and were the base of Holland’s economy.

The windmills were built as unique, singular and attractive structures. Once a year, on the second Saturday of May, the windmills open their doors to visitors. A blue flag flown on the windmill indicates that it is open to the public and also they are decorated with flowers and Dutch flags. The windmills were not built in urban areas and therefore will give you the opportunity to visit countryside areas on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

This event attracts a large number of tourists to Holland and is well worth the visit. So come and see it for yourself & enjoy Holland!

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