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We continually try to offer more and more apartments in more diverse cities.
Therefore, we are very happy to announce our new city Venice.

Venice is a city you shouldn’t miss to visit. Why? Here are our reasons:

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Venice is a swimming city in north-eastern Italy. Reaching the city and moving around is therefore quite unique. There are mainly canals for transportation available and you can explore the city by the waterway. The beautiful Gondolas are the most famous and most romantic way of getting through the city. So what’s better than make a love trip with your partner?

Small, narrow alleys can be found throughout the whole city. You can get lost quite quickly – however, this is the charming side of Venice, since you explore secret small places and beautiful paths. Children will love the city full of magic.


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Venice offers famous places, ancient monuments and a lot of history. Just take the Basilica di San Marco at Piazza San Marco or the famous Grand Canal, where plenty of palaces are situated. Or think of the well-known Bridge of Sighs, where the convicts in the past were hauled off into prison. They were thought to sigh a list time. That is how the bridge got its name. There is so much to explore and so many things you should get to know in Venice – there is simply no excuse for not visiting this wonderful city.

As always we offer you carefully selected apartments in central Venice, near to all important sights and monuments. You are able to spend a comfortable trip in our beautifully designed accommodations. All of them contain plenty of amenities needed for your stay to feel at home.

If you are seeking for a wonderful city trip, Venice will be the right choice for you.

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