New Primark Shop in Barcelona


Cheap and fashion shopping now is easy: a new Primark in Barcelona!

primark13 New Primark Shop in Barcelona

Primark is every woman' dream. In UK is so easy to find and always so crowded!

Shopping there is totally different to any others shop you can find. Clothes are really nice and incredibly cheap. It's possible to pay 3 or 5 euros for stylish shoes, 2 euros for colored shirts, 7 euros for a set of sheets

So it's a nice new that Primark  opens its third shop in Barcelona, and the most central one.

illa diagonal New Primark Shop in Barcelona

New Primark is located on Av. Diagonal 557, in the shopping mall L'Illa Diagonal. Entering the mall, the feeling is everything is celebrating Primark. Everywhere directions signs to get there, as it was obviously the main attracion! When you reach the shop, you find a quite big space on two floors, where getting lost along clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and home textiles.

In front of the mall there is a bus stop, but you can also go walking in 30 minutes more or less from Passeig the Gracia.

primark map New Primark Shop in Barcelona

So when you'll see on Passeig de Gracia and Diagonal women walking with many yellow paper bags, you'll easily understand where they come from.

This is the point: when you decide to buy in Primark, it's difficoult to buy just few things. Its prices are an invitation to combine accesorizes, clothes, jewelry.

And an entire bag full of anything should cost you less than 50 euros!

primark bags New Primark Shop in Barcelona

New collection is lovely, with yellow and orange colorful coats and original accessorizes to combine. And it's easy doing that, because new Primark is organized by brand and type.

primark winter collection New Primark Shop in Barcelona

In Primark every day is a good day for restyling!

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