News to the Sitges film festival

Program and trailers for 2013 available now

Our last article already gave you first information about the Sitges film festival.

Now the program and tickets are available online and we would like to recommend you one of the films, which are presented during the festival.

In our opinion it’s an exciting movie with a fascinating plot and its worth to take a look at it.
The movie is about a couple – Paolo and Djuna – who are deeply in love.

Still there is a small thing that distinguishes both: Djuna is a vampire and drinks her friend’s blood.
Djuna’s sister Mimi interrupts their live with her appearance.

Below you can find the trailer to the movie.

Like all the years before the Zombie walk will give the festival a special feeling.

For those under you, who don't know what it is: random people dress and paint like zombies, meet at a special given point and walk together through the city as a zombie crowd.

Last years it was rounded off with a big party at the beach. Even some stars of the shown movies participated last years.
Let's wait and see who is going to participate this year. It will take place on Saturday the 12th of October.

At the moment there are no more information given, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get to hear something new.
Here is a nice impression of the walk. Scary right?

sitges zombie walk1 241x300 News to the Sitges film festival

Pic 1

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