Notte di San Lorenzo – Night of wishes

Italy is celebrating the fall-out of the stars

Every year Italy is getting prepared on the 10th of August for San Lorenzo’s Night of the Falling Stars.
It is a traditional which dates back to the middle 200s when Lorenzo was ordered by the Emperor Valerian to find the hidden treasures for the early church.

night stars Notte di San Lorenzo   Night of wishes

He came back at the 10th of August and brought diseased, orphaned and crippled Christians as the true treasures of the church to the Emperor.
For this reason he was sentenced to sentences.
It is told that he was grilled and instead of telling the Emperor where the treasures are he was shouting during the burning to the executioners: “Turn me over.  I am done on this side.”

Around the 10th of August the Perseids meteor showers dance in the night sky.
For this reason all Italians are going with their blankets and their picnics to the hills and to wait for the falling of the stars.
Everyone is making a wish.

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