October in Venice – a mix of sport and food

pasta in venice before the race

Welcome to Venice in October! This month, we are expecting a mix of sport and food events. It’s not a secret: When you’re working out, you have to eat a lot. We are looking for to the Venice Marathon 2014 (26th Oct.) and the local festival Sagra del Mosto (5th Oct.).

pasta in venice before the match October in Venice   a mix of sport and food

Every year on the first weekend in October, the local festival Sagra del Mosto takes place on the Island Sant Erasmo. It is an island in the laguna of Venice. You can easily go there taking the vaporetto Line 13 from Fondamenta Nuove to the Sant' Erasmo Chiesa stop. This year the festival takes place on 5th October. On the island, you'll find live music and a regatta in mascareta (2 person, male and female), as well as a market with local products and a lot of food as pasta, risotto, ribs and sausages. Join the festival, and enjoy Venice in a new way!

On the 4th Sunday in Octobre every year, the Venice marathon takes place in the most beautiful laguna of Italy. This year, the 29th Venice Marathon will be hold on the 26th October. There will be about 8.000 person joining the race. The start will be approximately at 9:20.

If you are not the big runner, you can stand along the race course, and cheer the athletes. It will be a nice event, and the athletes are definitely happy about the audience! More race details about the 29th Venice Marathon will you find here.

Sunday 26th October will be an exhausting day. So, it is important to take some refreshment before the race starts, it doesn't matter if you're going to run or just encourage the athletes. What a coincidence that the day before is the world pasta day (25th)! So, go, and grap some pasta having the next day in mind. Enjoy your pasta!


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