Hollywood feeling under the open sky

Open-air cinema Sala Montjuic is open for the summer season

montjuic Hollywood feeling under the open sky

This summer you can enjoy a lot of Hollywood movies in the open air cinema in Montjuic.
On hot days like in July and August people are not willing to sit in closed rooms and watch movies in the cinema.
But when the sun is about to go down and you still feel the warm wind it is a perfect occasion to go the open- air cinema Sala Montjuic.

The advantage of this cinema experience is that you are on the fresh air and you are not fixed to any seat numbers or rows.
You can sit everywhere you want and with who you want.
The entrance fee is just for the place to enter and for the big screen.

You can take your blanket or your folding chairs and enjoy the movie. In addition you can bring your own food like crisps and drinks from home and enjoy it in front of the big screen.

The Montjuic cinema opened on the 30th June this year and will be open until the 7th of August.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there are shows. Normally there are in the original version and with Spanish under titles.

The entrance fee is 6 Euro and usually the show starts at 20:30.
The easiest way to get there is going by bus from Placa Espagna because the hill to Montjuic is very steep.
The bus number 30 is stopping nearly in front of the entrance of the cinema. But still you can walk up the hill if you want to.
Come and enjoy your open-air cinema experience in Barcelona. Book your tickets online

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