Open Monuments day Amsterdam

Open Monumentendag Amsterdam Vlag

Open Monuments Day Amsterdam


Open Monumentendag Amsterdam Vlag Open Monuments day Amsterdam



Open monuments day is the second Saterday in September, where thousands of monuments in the Netherlands are free accessible for public. The theme of Open monuments day 2012 reads: Groen van toen (Green of the past).

The participating monuments can be recognized by the Open monuments day flag like the sample shows on the top. During the Open monuments day, more than 60 monuments have opend there door open free to the public (65 in Amsterdam). In addition to opening their doors, many locations also organise on-site activities, such as exhibitions, music and guided tours.

The number of visitors has grown the last years. Nu it´s between 800,000 and 900,000 visitors, that makes the Open monuments day one of the largest cultural events of Netherlands. Every year there are between 3,000 and 4,000 monuments open, all over the country.

When you visit Amsterdam the 8th or the 9th of September you should defenitly use this wonderful chance to see the treasures of Holland.


Open Monumentendag Amsterdam Kasteel 300x168 Open Monuments day Amsterdam             


Open Monumentendag Amsterdam Poort1 300x292 Open Monuments day Amsterdam

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