Pavlosky ‘Angelhada¡. Ciudad de Marbella Theater

Angelhada- Pavlovsky. Teatro de Marbella

Pavlosky "Angelhada". Ciudad de Marbella Theatre

pavlovsky Pavlosky Angelhada¡. Ciudad de Marbella Theater

Plaza Ramón Martínez,3. Marbella Friday, 25th February 2011    

Pavlossky, dramatist, master of irony, quick change artist, showman, monologue  … but overall an artist that leaves no one indifferent as evidenced by the Medal for Merit in Fine Arts that last year will aworded them the Ministry of Culture .
With a simple staging but living up with an spectacular lighting design, he returns to our stages with "Angelhada, a character half angel and half fairy, half from here and half from far. The lights gets to transform Pavlovsky in an unearthly figure with chameleonic properties. Different stories, sensitivity, humor, tenderness, irony, thoughts on major issues that we all have this in our day by day

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