Plaza Major. Madrid

plaza major. Madrid

plaza major Plaza Major. Madrid Come to plaza mayor during your stay with Habitat Apartments in their apartments in Madrid.

Besides the many sights, eating and drinking places in Madrid. Are there also beautiful squares. One of these squares is the Plaza Mayor, a square without traffic. At the end of the Gran vía, near to de deboob temple,  you can see the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho PanzaMonument to Miguel de Cervantes), close to the royal palace,

The square is a symmetrical, large rectangular square. It is surrounded by red brick buildings, balconies, ornamental tower and dormers. This typical Castilian square is builded in the 17th century, the heart of Madrid. In the Middle Ages it was also a marketplace. The name of the square was "Plaza Arribal",  There where large parties including public executions and burnings were carried out. There were also bull-fights, knights and kings of tournaments and weddings.

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