Restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam

Experience a totally new way of dining, help young people to work at their future and enjoy in the meantime plenty of luxurious dining.


Enthusiastic by the concept ''good food and improve the world'' Sarriel Taus and Coen Alewijnse opened the restaurant Fifteen in 2004 in Amsterdam. A similar restaurant at the famous Jamie Oliver restaurant in London, where underprivileged youth training is offered in the horeca.

Restaurant Fifteen 300x200 Restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam

Fifteen in Amsterdam offers this unemployed group also the chances of a successful career in the horeca industry. The young people in the restaurant are constantly being under the supervision of competent and passionate professionals. Jamie Oliver himself has attached his name permanently to the restaurant by leaving his signature on one of the walls.


In this restaurant the people work probably twice as hard for you to give you the night of your life. The work is taken very serious and they do their best to operate as fast as they can and give you the best possible service. With passion and joy they like to tell you about the food which is served.

Fifteen Amsterdam Restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam

Fifteen wouldn´t be Fiteen if the interior did not fit with the youngsters who work there. It is a hip restaurant, but with style, with a wall full of graffiti and beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There is a friendly and lively atmosphere where you certainly going to be excited about.


The menu is set in advance, but will definitely not result in lower quality and originality. Meet the staff  or take a look at the menu on the website. Reservation is necessary.


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