Restaurant t´Sluisje in Amsterdam

In the centre of Amsterdam, between The Jordaan and the Red-light district, you will find theater bar-restaurant ‘t Sluisje.

sluisje1 300x224 Restaurant t´Sluisje in Amsterdam

These ´t Sluisje is a nice, cozy and comfortable restaurant perfect for a big group of friends and family who wants to experience a pleasant evening in the centre of Amsterdam. There is a big range of varied cuisine so for everyone there is something perfect on the menu! Also there is great animated group of transvestites available who´s gonna entertain the guests. During the 3 course Show menu you will be entertained by several Drag-acts and/or live singing Each time there are other artists besides Corrie Camping and Miss Belle Retouche! The Show Girls and the rest of the Crew will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable evening in Amsterdam! You can make you´re reservation here.

The Showgirlz

sluisje 300x194 Restaurant t´Sluisje in Amsterdam




Adress: Torensteeg 1 Amsterdam

Phonenumber: +31-(0)20-6240813

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