Roma Pass – Special cultural card

Card for discounts and special services in Rome


rome roma pass2 Roma Pass   Special cultural card  

A trip to Rome can lead to a huge amount of money spend. There are plenty of museums and archaeological sites and much more things to explore. The Rome City Council in collaboration with the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural activities sponsored this Roma Pass as a special cultural card for tourists as well as for local people.

The card makes your experiences in Rome much cheaper.

What is included

The whole package does not only include the Roma Pass, but also helpful guides and maps.
Included are:

– The Roma Pass card itself
– Roma Map
– Roma Pass Guide
– Roma Passè (app activation is possible)
– Roma Informa

Rome roma pass Roma Pass   Special cultural card

Discounts and services

There are many various cultural discounts. Below you find examples

– The cardholder has free entrance in the first 2 museums and / or archaeological sites of his choice
– Further free entrance to various museums (e.g.: Museo della Repubblica Romana, Museo delle Mura…)
– Public transport network can be used for free for three days: Bus, Metro and Railway is included
– In general discounts on several events (information can be found in the Roma Pass Guide)

Price and use

The card is valid for three days from the first use on – for example with an entry in a museum or with the first use in public transport-. You have to fill in the form on the back with you personal details. The fee for the kit amounts to 34€. The kit is recommendable for a cultural trip to Rome, as it allows you to visit many museums and archaeological sites.

All detailed information about the Roma Pass are available at their webpage.


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