Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


Rome is not just the one city in Europe which shoots the bull with all of its amazing sights, spots and precious, ancient buildings. No, Rome takes it all and is in addition also more than well-known for its amazing food. If you are planning a trip to Italy’s beautiful capital, we are pretty sure that you’ve already bought a good travel guide to prepare sightseeing – so we would like to help you discover delicate-heaven. Keep on reading and note down these TOP 5 restaurants you can enjoy a nice and tasty menu. Buon appetito!


This place is truly special and definitely the most famous food-celebrity in town. La Pergola is Rome’s only restaurant that managed to gain three Michelin Stars and is therefore a living legend in the city that never sleeps. Since it is located in the elegant Cavalieri Hotel you can expect nothing but the finest and most exquisite of interior design. You can enjoy haute cuisine Mediterranean dishes that come in appealing, complex draping – but also in rather small servings. If you are looking for a high-class dinner in magnificent atmosphere and aren’t afraid of the check in the end, La Pergola can be highly recommended and will for sure not leave you disappointed!

Price: Very Expensive

Style: Mediterranean Haute-Cuisine

Address: Via Alberto  Cadlolo 101


rome lapergola Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


Being established since the early year of 1923 the Giggetto really is one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants you will find in Rome. The place is located in the very heart of the city’s ancient Jewish quarter and is a typical, hearty trattoria with a cosy and comfortable style and a lovely atmosphere. Giggetto is a down-to-earth place which serves authentic food to reasonable prices. You can`t expect fancy but delicious meals can be guaranteed! Especially famous are the restaurants “carciofi all giudia” – crispy, fried artichokes which are a local delicate.

Price: Moderate

Style: Local, Italian

Address: Via del Portico d'Ottavia 21


rome giggetto Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


If you are looking for tasty, italian food, Lilli is the place you need to go. The trattoria is really laidback and looks just like every other restaurant you could stop for a bite to eat – but Lilli is special and also loved by hungry locals. The family-run trattoria mainly serves classic Italian bestsellers like Spagehtti Carbonara, Ravioli, Ossobuco and Co. and especially convinces to take a seat with its delicious, self-invented desserts to die for!

Price: Moderate

Style: Local, Italian

Address: Via Tor di Nona 2


rome lilli Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


Vegetarians and Vegans used to have a rather hard time finding a place to eat out in cheesy sauces and meat loving Rome. But not anymore, because with the Arancia Blu there finally is a nice restaurant that serves vegetable food to please vegan locals and tourists. You can start with roasted potatoes with black truffle, continue with almond-garlic risotto before you pleasure your palate with a sweeter than sweet cinnamon and apple puff pastry cake – and don`t forget to get a glass (or bottle) of the fine wines the Arancia offers. The atmosphere and interior is chic but cosy and makes it very easy to spend a perfect evening with delicious food!

Price: Moderate

Style: Vegan and Vegetarian

Address: Via Cesare Beccaria 3


rome aranciablu Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


You probably won’t find the Capo Boi in one of your guides or on touristic websites since it is more of a local celebrity. The restaurant is not one of the many rustic trattorias Romans love to enjoy a bite often, but a much more elegant – but still comfortable – place where residents enjoy a nice dinner once in a while. Capa Boi is famous for its amazing fish dishes, so you should really skip on Pasta or Pizza for at least this time and go with some seafood. On the menu are smoked mussels, oysters, grilled scampi, lobster and Co. – so there is literally nothing more you could miss or ask for.  

Price: Expensive

Style: Fish and Seafood

Address: Via Arno 80


rome shrimps Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants


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rome fiorivintage Rome: Discover Its TOP 5 Restaurants

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