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fish spa barcelona Rufoo Fish Spa Barcelona

Relax with an exclusive ictiotherapy treatment performing by Garra Rufa fish brought from Turkey in Ruffo Fish Spa in Barcelona. A nice place located in Street Correu Vell just in  the heart of the city. They offer you dip your feet in a warm pool where the GARRA RUFA fish will exfoliate it in a natural, exotic and fun way.

This  fish pedicure, involves patrons dipping your feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa. Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as “doctor fish” because they eat away dead skin found on peoples’ feet, leaving newer skin exposed.

What is ictiotherapy?

The ictiotherapy is carried out with the help of small Garra Rufa fish originating in Turkey.

These small fish have no teeth, have a small cup as a mouth that sucks the impurities stay in the skin and the remains of dead skin. The result is an exfoliating treatment, a good massage helps improve circulation, relax and moisturize deeply.

Result: You will feel your feet cool and healthy and can enjoy the touch! The sensation is a great break after a treatment like a massage in one of the most sensitive body parts, the Garra Rufa can stimulate acupuncture points to help regulate the nervous system, relaxing the body and relieves fatigue. The blood circulation and the flow is increased significantly during this treatment.

rufoo fish spa barcelona Rufoo Fish Spa Barcelona

Garra Rufa fish, a species belonging to the family of the Cyprinidae, a native of Turkey and has been used for more than two centuries and known worldwide for its curative properties and beauty.

Garra Rufa fish is a tropical fish, freshwater, living mainly in warm waters. Small,measuring between 4 and 6 cm. and can grow for 9 to 12 cm as adults.

This amazing fish has many virtues that have made him famous, but the best known is the natural way to exfoliate the skin. This behavior is part of the natural instinct of the Garra Rufa fish and is extremely pleasant and relaxing: Garra Rufafish gently suctioned dead cells of the outer layer of skin without touching the inner layers.

In this process, the fish generates an enzyme called ditranolque has a regenerating effect on the skin.

Here is a nice video where you will see how it works!

Contact information:

Street Correu Vell, 10 (Metro L4 Jaume I)
Ruffo Fish Spa in Barcelona. Official Sit
Retes information here
Phone: 93 295 40 08

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