Russian Speakers: New friends for Habitat Apartments

habitat Apartments Russia

Habitat Apartments is launching their website in Russian

habitat ru Russian Speakers: New friends for Habitat Apartments


Habitat Apartments, based since 2001 in Barcelona, is managing more than 150 holiday apartments in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome and Marbella for rental with professional service.

In the last years we welcomed our guest from all around the world and at this place we want to speak out a big "thank you" to all of them.
Especially our Russian speakers we would like to show our gratefulness by helping them to find their dream apartments as fast as possible.

For this reason we are launching our website in the Russian language. Also the Social Media will be soon managed in Russian.

What our philosophy is:

Our strength is our expensive knowledge we offer about the apartment and the city we are operating in. Our personnel are living in the city and provide you with extensive city information to explore the city as a local when you wish.

We are personally managing the majority of our unique and exclusive apartments in Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella and we love our job which is reflected our enthusiasm and customer service.

During the welcoming check in you will have the chance to ask all yours questions about the apartment and the city to the Habitat Apartments representative.

We are also in charge of the cleaning and laundry service to the highest standards just as the maintenance of the apartments to keep them in top shape.

Services catered to our guests:
We have taken into account that certain demands can arise when staying abroad se we have put together a selection of services which we can.  provide for our guests including:
extra maid services, laundry, baby-sitter, airport transfer, rental of baby/children’s accessories (baby stroller etc.), tours/day trips, all offered to give you a more comfortable stay.


If you like what we are doing visit us on

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