Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery

Enjoy the black Madonna close to Barcelona and an amazing view from the mountains

The Benedictine monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat lies 45km away from Barcelona on the Montserrat Mountain.
From there you will have a stunning view of Cataluña and Barcelona.

You will see that Barcelona is hidden behind the Tibidabo Mountain.
Even from far away you can see this 1, 2000-meter-hight big mountain.

montserrat Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery

The reason why you should visit the monastery is not essentially the architecture of the building but more the landscape, the beautiful view and the black Madonna- the saint patron of Catalonia.

Since pre- Christian time the Montserrat Mountain has been of religious significance.
The Romans built a temple there before Christ.
The monastery of Santa Maria was built by hermit monks around 1025.

In the 12th Century the black Madonna which is in the monastery, made Santa Maria more popular.
A lot of famous personalities’ pilgrimage to Montserrat: Pope Benedict XIII., Columbus, Cervantes, von Humboldt, King Fernando and Isabella, Carlos I, Felipe II. and Louis XIV..

Columbus named on his second trip 1493 an Antilles island to Montserrat.
In 1811, the monastery was largely destroyed by Napoleonic troops.
The Benedictine monastery was rebuilt.

How to get to Montserrat

You can travel to Montserrat by train which you catch from the Station Placa Espana.
From there you will get the train R8 which goes in direction of Manresa.

But this train is not bringing you directly to the monastery but the foot of the mountain.
Before you start your trip you should decide if you want to the Cable Ride or the Cremallera Funicular to go to the Monastery.

It is important to know before you enter to the train in Barcelona because you have to buy different tickets for these two options. Additional there are different train stops for these two options.
Ask at the Placa Espana for the right ticket.

The ticket for coming and going back from Barcelona to the monastery costs about 19 Euro per Person.


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