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Hipnotick Festival 2011. Barcelona

Hipnotik Festival 2011

Hipnotick Festival 2011 300x111 Summer events in BarcelonaThis weekend Barcelona will come alive with the much anticipated and well-known Hipnotik Festival. On July 9th, Barcelona will become the world capital of Hip Hop, with more than 13 hours full of music, competitions, battles, graffiti, breakdance, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, graphic design and audiovisuals.

This Festival will take place on different stages in the Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB), right in the middle of Ciutat Vella, where urban culture yields to the will of rhythm and rhyme, and breaks the clichés of the hip-hop culture. Here are some of the groups that will be performing this weekend: Cookin Bananas,  Looptroop Rockers, La Puta Opepé, Duo Kie, ZPU, Putolargo, Rayden, Los Chikos del Maíz, Noult, Spec Boogie, Agorazein, Costa, and Duddi Wallace.

This year, festival organisers have such an amazing schedule, you do not want to miss a single minute of this Festival. In addition, thanks to social networking sites, Hipnotik 2011will be fully interactive.

The ticket price will be 20€ , but if you buy in advance 15€.

Movies, Jazz and Picnicing on Monjuic

con faldas y a lo loco web Summer events in BarcelonaThis week began the 9th edition of the Sala Monjuic sessions, which include sample open-air cinema, accompanied by live music and picnicing. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can enjoy these outdoor sessions in an ideal environment: nothing more and nothing less than the grounds of the Castle of Montjuic. From Monday July 4 until Friday, August 5 you can partake in this typical summer event in Barcelona.

Among the concerts of the program are: a Sanjosex, Cargolé, Laia Fortià Cuarteto y Os Seresteiros, among others. Some movies to look forward to include: Some Like It Hot, Garbo The Spy, Inglourious Basterds, Book of Eli, Where the Wild Things Are, The Ghost Writer, Nosferatu, Lion’s Den, In the Loop, Charade, among others.


La caída de los dioses (The Fall of the Gods)
July 19-21 at the Grec Theatre

la caida de los dioses 300x224 Summer events in BarcelonaWithin the crazy and eventful schedule of the Grec Festival, we find this play: The Fall ofthe Gods (La caída de los dioses), directed by Tomaž Pandur, a native to Slovenia.

Now for the first time, Tomaž Pandur comes to Barcelona to present one of his highly-acclaimed works. With it, he hopes to pay homage to Italian director, Luchino Visconti, with a stage version of the "The Damned." The assembly and exceptional cast tell the story of the decline and decay of an aristocratic German family in the days between the Reichstag Fire and the Night of the Long Knives (the begining of the Third Reich). In the early days of Nazi Germany, this powerful noble family must adjust to life under the new dictatorship regime. Through such characters as a German Baron, a Nazi Storm Trooper, an innocent man framed for murder, and a Captain in the German SS, the story thus shows how so called "German Upper Class Nobility" first resented Adolf Hitler, then accepted him, and at last embraced him.

The cast: Belén Rueda. Pablo Rivero, Alberto Jiménez, Manuel de Blas, Santi Martín, Francisco Boira, Nur Levi, Fernando Cayo, Emilio Gavira y Ramón Grau.


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