Summer Festival “Veranos de la Villa”

Veranos de la Villa 2011. Festival de verano en Madrid

Veranos de la Villa 2011 300x164 Summer Festival Veranos de la VillaThe festival Veranos de la Villa 2011, or "Summers of the Villa"  festival has consolidated over its 30 years and is described as one of the undisputed cultural calendar appointments in the city.

The city of Madrid is in full festival mode during this, the festival of Veranos de la Villa, a date that year after year keeps alive the cultural pulse of the capital during the months of July and August. On June 28, the festival began its extensive programming and it will last until August 28. Madrid can be enjoyed through the most diverse performances of artistic disciplines on different stages located throughout the city. Highlights include: Puerta del Ángel Scenario, which is becoming one of the areas of reference within the Spanish musical scene; the Gardens de Sabatini, where there are excellent exibitions of song, musical theater, figure skating, dance, operetta, opera, jazz, gospel and flamenco; Conde Duque is incorporated as the setting for the proposition in the newly premiered theater and auditorium, while the Matadero Madrid also has established itself as prime festival space; the streets of downtown become, as every year, another of the most important events; finally, the municipal theaters, Spanish, Fernán Gómez and Circo Price, as in every edition of the festival, will be present and part of the programming.                               

For more than two months of cultural programming of the Veranos de la Villa 2011 consult the following website:

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