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Cozy loft in Trastevere between legends and design

area trastevere Tevere Classic Apartment in Rome

Everybody knows Trastevere is one of the most fascinating area in Rome. Perhaps few people know the curious legends are told around these ancient stones.

Here life vibrates continuously through small ancient streets and squares, creating a magical atmosphere, friendly, funny, halfway between the grandeur of Roman architecture and the warmth of its people.

Right in Trastevere district is located Tevere Classic Apartment, lovely and comfortable loft, perfect for a couple discovering Rome from its heart.

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The apartment provides a sleeping area with large double bed and wardrobe, and many amenities for a pleasent stay such as Lcd TV, an open-kitchen with dining table and all modern equipement, free internet (LAN) connection.

When there, you will easly move around walking or by bus. Must see is Gianicolo hill from where you will have a breathtaking view of the ciy: especially beautiful at sunset when the lights make the scene incredibly romantic and Rome releases its eternal beauty.

gianicolo Tevere Classic Apartment in Rome

Don't miss as well Santa Maria in Trastevere Church: a part from its clear enchant, many legends and stories are told about this place. It is said to be the oldest church in the all Rome (III century), and the same we can say for the fountain in front.

santa maria trastevere Tevere Classic Apartment in Rome

About 2,000 years ago right here took place a mysterious phenomenon. According to legend a day of 38 BC a jet of oil suddenly began to gush from the ground. At this miraculous phenomenon was given the name Fons Olei (source of oil). Over the years we have begun to give different meanings to the event.

According to the first Christian version, the miracle would have foretold the birth of Christ. It was probably the reason that prompted Christians to ask the Emperor Alexander Severus (third century) to give them the Meritorious Taberna, a hospice for wounded soldiers located at this site, and then to build upon the first church.

Nowadays you can sit in Santa Maria in Trastevere Square, waiting for some miracles or simply enjoying the miracle' s Roman beauty as it is during your lovely vacations in Tevere Classic Apartment!

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