The Anti-Karaoke in Apolo Club

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Monday nights in Barcelona mean one thing: Anti-Karaoke

Anti Karaoke Barcelona 2 300x200 The Anti Karaoke in Apolo Club

Every monday in Barcelona the Anti-Karaoke – a fusion between a rock concert, a Broadway musical, and a crazy house party-  takes place.

The the Anti-Karaoke was created by Rachel Arieff, a comic and show woman  from North America. Rachel wanted to  start an special Karaoke, very different to the boring karaoke rooms that only play Celine Dion´s repertory.

In the Anti-Karaoke the participants turn into a rock star with sound quality equal to that of a live concert and a repertoire of more than 500 of the greatest songs from rock and pop. From Guns N Roses to Depeche Mode, to Janis Joplin to Prince, to Queen and AC/DC to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, from Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra, from Bowie to The Weather Girls.

Anti Karaoke Barcelona 1 300x199 The Anti Karaoke in Apolo Club

The participants are encouraged to dress up for the Anti-Karaoke, as their favorite rock star. In addition, onstage they will find wings, hats and various accoutrements for spontaneous costuming on stage.

The show takes place at the centrally-located Apolo Club, off the Avenida Paralelo near the Gothic area, the heart of the old city and right next to the metro stop L3 (Parallel).

Take a look of this video, it is going to give you more ideas about the Anti-Karaoke:

More information:

Every Monday in Barcelona from 9:30 pm to 1 am.(doors open at 9:30).
Apolo Club Address: 111 Nou de la Rambla.
Admission to the show 8€.

Useful Information:

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