The way to your dream apartment in Madrid – Part 5

Tips to make your holidays as comfortable as possible in Madrid

airport madrid The way to your dream apartment in Madrid – Part 5

Airport Madrid- Barajas

There are many ways to get from the airport of Madrid to the city center:

There is a bus service, called Airport Express, which runs 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.

Especially for flights during the night and morning like between 1:30am and 6:00am.

It takes 40 minutes with the bus from the airport to the city center.

During the day every 15 minutes and at night every 35 minutes there is a bus.

This bus is, like the name, really an express service because it stops just three times and cost 5 Euros.

The tickets can be bought in the bus and the buses leaves form the Terminals 1,2 and 4.


Another method to come to the city center is by Metro.

The Terminals  for the metro connection between airport and city center are T2 and T4.

The trains are leaving every 5 minutes from 6 am to 2 am.

When you want to go to the centre of Madrid take Line 8 which takes you directly to Nuevos Ministerios.

This journey is just 12 minutes long.

The metro also costs 5 Euros.

We recommend  to buy the Madrid Tourist Travel Pass because you can use it during your stay in Madrid.

You will see that the best transportation method is the metro and you will need this pass.

Once you bought this ticket your transport from and to the airport is included.

Especially when you stay not directly in the city center it is easier and less complicated to travel by metro than by bus.

There is also a 10- trip Metro-Bus ticket which we recommend.

You can buy it at Metro stations or newspaper stands or at tobacconists.

More information for these tickets you can find here.

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