Top 3 things to do in Marbella

Spend a day in paradise

Ever wondered about what is worth to see and experience in Marbella? We researched for your and found out the top 3 things to do in the paradise Marbella! 😉 Here they are:

1. Puerto Banus

Marbella puerto banus 300x199 Top 3 things to do in Marbella

Puerto Banus seems to be a scene out of a romantic love movie. It’s a marina full of luxury yachts, conveying the high life style of this place. Wonderful blue water, an elegant crowd, funky bars and nightclubs and a plenty of stylish restaurants round off the whole picture of the exclusive marina Puero Banus. The rich and famous come here to stroll around the breathtaking setting and to add more expensive clothes from Roberto Cavalli or Chopard to their wardrobe. Although you might be not able to afford it, you should dive into this place and enjoy life.


2. Nikki beach

Marbella Nikki beach 300x199 Top 3 things to do in Marbella

Nikki beach is simply a luxurious and elegant place. Directly located at the coast, the beach club is the best place to spend your day at the beach, swimming, dining and slurping some delicious cocktails. The clear white style and huge sun beds make the comfortable setting at the beach complete. Nikki Beach regularly organizes famous partys within the week and on the weekend. However, during the winter season the beach club is closed.


3. Old town

Marbella old town 300x168 Top 3 things to do in Marbella

Old towns are beautiful in most cities, but in Marbella it tops out every other old town. This place simply conveys a lot of charm with lovely bars, restaurants and unique places. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have an intensive shopping tour or a place to relax with a coffee under a tree – you will find it in the picturesque old town.

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