Toy Shop in Marbella


In here you'll find more than just toys…


Hidden in the heart of the old town Marbella you'll find a little toy shop next to the Oranges square.

Outside you'll be drawn into the cozy little shop by all the toys welcoming you inside. Next to a huge candy cane stands a loyal soldier who shows you the way inside the shop, into the world of toys


Once inside you'll be sucked into an atmosphere that you only find in shops like these. Children will be amazed at the sheer amount of toys, not to mention the different kinds of toys.

In every corner you'll find something new; a doll, a music box, a rocking horse or a tin soldier. Whatever you seek, Toy Shop has it somewhere, hidden inside.


Besides the many new products that are sold, Toy Shop is known for its extensive special collection of toys from countries all around the whole world.


Think of limited editions teddy bears, handmade dolls, puppets, original model airplanes, rocking horses and beautiful costumes. These products may be a little bit more expensive than others, but the real toy enthusiast finds it more than worth it.


Walk together with your child through several centuries of toys.

Become young once again, and together make a journey you'll both never forget.

Toy Shop Marbella

Phone: +34 952 774 078
Calle Nueva no. 5, 6 and 8
Casco Antiguo
29600 – Marbella

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