Traditional Foods & Dishes in Marbella

Pescadito frito. Tipico plato Marbellí

%name Traditional Foods & Dishes in MarbellaAre you going to spend your holidays in Puerto BanusMarbella with Habitat apartments? In that case, you will most likely need to know something about typical Marbella dishes as to enjoy the culture and customs of this city.  Take note about our recommendations:

Eating well in Marbella can get a bit expensive. But not everything in the area of Marbella is upscale restaurants and luxury hotels. The authentic “Chiringuitos” (beach bars) provide a great alternative. Marbella chiringuitos overlook the sea and allow groups to have lunch in an informal manner and without the excessive prices that are common from upscale establishments.

In these more casual restaurants, you can also spot famous and beautiful people who want to be in a relaxed atmosphere and eat  popular & typical“tapas” in the area.

Its cuisine is closely linked to the sea, so fish is the basis the typical dishes. “Pescaíto frito,” or gazpacho Traditional Foods & Dishes in Marbellafried fish is a star dish of many beach bars and the most sought after by both locals and visitors. Especially tasty are anchovies and sardines. Another traditional food is gazpacho. Typically in Andalusia, they highlight the “ajoblanco” (white garlic variety of gazpacho), which is made the same way but substitutes the tomato with almonds. Other typical dishes of the area are arroces, or rice dishes (all varieties), paellajamón serrano (ham), tapas, coquinas (clams) y las ensaladas (salads) seasoned with good olive oil.

The boquerones (anchovies) and espetos de sardinas (skewered sardines) are famous here and very rich, a classic delight for many diners. With your meal, enjoy a good glass of wine with a sweet dessert & make for a perfect afternoon or evening. The vino (wine) of the area is "Denominación de Origen Málaga" ( produced in Malaga) , and is especially sweet for dessert.

Don't forget to try and enjoy new tastes during your stay in this beautiful city!!!

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