Vanity club- Marbella

Vanity - Marbella

vanity club marbella 150x150 Vanity club  Marbella

When your objective is to enjoy a night in the best club in Marbella there is only one option: 'Vanity Marbella' club. Velvet, silks, woods, gardens, the original Buddhist statues and the most refined and exquisite taste come together in Vanity Marbella Discotheque.

The decoration is exquisite, with Pakistani lamps, original Budhas, carpets and comfortable with large Hindu-filled cushions reserved. The club is surrounded by huge windows that show the wonderful garden and the magnificent scenery at Marbella nigh.

At the entrance of Marbella Vanity there is a free car park which will cause no problem to park and start the party.

Habitat apartments is nearby with Puerto Banus apartments.

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