The Story Of Venice and Other Art Forms This March

This March in Venice is set to be a very artistic and creative month filled with appreciation for the arts, including: painting; music; and theatre. If this is what you love then read this article to hear our suggestions for the best of these arts this month!

venice show The Story Of Venice and Other Art Forms This March


Is a brilliant show designed to be very entertaining but also to celebrate and educate about the beauty, spirit and historical importance of this great city of Venice. 

This show tells the story of Venice from its birth – from a few small islands in the middle of a large body of water – to the hustling and bustling world trade city that it grew into. The show is very light spirited and comical as well as being very interesting and educative. It includes stories about traditions and scandals in the city, as well as tales of passion and humour.


For those who plan to come to Venice The Story of Venezia is really something that should not be missed as it gives a great insight into the cities history and will be enjoyed by people of all ages.
It is a city that has always attracted many famous visitors over the centuries and has been the inspiration to to many. The show, Venezia, fills in the gaps left by the published guides and along the way delivers an show that is involving, informative, exciting, thrilling and entertaining.

Click on the links for more information or to reserve tickets. If you want you can also reserve dinner before the show and there is a variety of different packages on offer. If you are in a group of 30 or more you can also book a prívate show at any time of the day!

Click here to buy tickets for the Story Of Venezia 

Click here to buy tickets for the Story Of Venezia with Dinner Package 


For the fourth year running, the Arsenale of Venice will open up its doors, to the finalists of the seventh edition of Arte Laguna Prize at Tese di San Cristoforo. The works of the 105 international artists selected for the categories: painting, sculpture and installation, video art and performance and photographic art will be on view. Five other works from the virtual art section will be hosted at the Telecom Italia Future Centre, close to the Rialto Bridge. A further selection of young artists is on view at the Romanian Institute of Venice, near St. Mark's Square.

Venue: Arsenale of Venice

Address: Arsenale – tese di San Cristoforo, Venice , Italy

Event cost: free


XVI Concerts Season

Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons

The Orchestra I Musici Veneziani was founded in 1996 and is comprised of a selection of some of the greatest Venetian virtuosos that are alive. The Orchestra pays tribute to Vivaldi performing the ”Four Seasons” and it has: Sopranos, Mezzo-Sopranos, Tenors and Baritones whom are all internationally acclaimed, The orchestra performs some of the most beautiful Baroque and Opera music from the period.

The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi is  four concerts for violin and strings that represent scenes of nature in music, inspired by each season of year. The program is enhanced by three other major concerts for strings.

Click on this link to book tickets for the Four Seasons Concert. The concert is played usually every 2 or 3 days so there are plenty of dates to choose from.

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