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A walk through art, shopping and history

Before starting this virtual shopping tour along Via del Corso Roma, I would like to introduce you an amazing place, located just in Via del Corso: the famous Palazzo Doria Paphilj, an incredible historical building that hosts important exhibitions and events. While visiting Rome and enjoying your shopping in Via del Corso, remember this is a must see!

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Rome is a great place for shopping, with designer outlets and department stores all over the city. There are different areas renowned for their excellent opportunities and the famous shops they own.

via del corso Via del Corso

One of the most famous is Via del Corso, and the streets that radiate from it. The mile-long street which runs from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo has all manner of shops, including the Ferrari flagship store, numerous shoe stores, popular fashion brands like Diesel and Benetton, and department stores (Rinascente, COIN).

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This main artery is a rich fabric of history, and modern shopping convenience with many Renaissance buildings, important churches, and public squares.

Via del Corso is a pedestrian street, very popular with Romans and tourists. Its central position makes Via del Corso a perfect meeting point for people of all ages.

A number of Rome's historic attractions are also located along Via del Corso. The history of this famous street's name is also interesting: the street used to host an annual horse race, and for this reason the name of Corso that in italian means ran.

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Via del Corso offers a variety of shops if ladies fashion is what you are after: Luisa Spagnoli, Ethic, Zara, Killah, Fellini, Lacoste and many more famous brands you will find among the street.

Perfect choice to discover a magic area in Rome and for spend money to buy fashion products. And if you are not in the mood for a big shopping, do not forget the option that always works: window shopping, here is a must!

Getting there

Via del Corso is in the very center of Rome, so you can easily reach it on foot or with public transport depending on what part of Rome you are coming from.

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