What to do in Madrid for New Year’s Eve

San Silvestre Vallecana 2013


You are still not sure how to celebrate the upcoming year in Madrid?
We have a suggestion for you: What about testing your own limits in the huge San Silvestre Vallecana race – a 10 kilometers long run with the Calle Concha Espina as a starting point?


In 2012 more than 30,000 people took part in the race on the 31st December. The race offers two different categories: the professional and the fun race. Hence, if you are untrained you can still participate and run in your own pace.

Make sure to check their webpage for the registration points. The process opens on the 26th November at 2pm. If you want to participate, you should inscribe as soon as possible, since many people are interested in this race.

Although there is the fun race available, do not underestimate 10 kilometers. If you are not used to running, 10 kilometers might be a lot. 😉 Get up, train and prove yourself you are strong enough to make it! There are even several preparation events available, where you can get ready for the run with other people together.


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