What to do in Madrid?

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Going out in Madrid

madrid nightlife 00 What to do in Madrid?Madrid is not only the official capital of Spain, this city nightlife area is the most important city in the country. Throughout the city you will find big and small clubs where the local population, supplemented by tourists until the early hours to swing.

Madrid is full of different types of establishments, which make it possible for everybody to find something they like. You can find everything and all kind of pubs and bars: house music, chillout,  reggae, jazz …etc and of course traditional Spanish music and tapa bars. Spanish nightlife in general starts very late no matter if you are going out for dinner or for 'fiesta'. Restaurants tend to start serving dinner at 20.00 until 23.00/24.00 and bars normally don't get busy until after 24.00. The bars and discotheques in Madrid are open all year.

One of the most popular areas to go out at night for young people in Madrid is Moncloa, located just next to the University campus. Another of the great zones to go out at night in Madrid is Bilbao. This a more avant-garde district with trendy bars and exhibition halls mixed together. A third and maybe the most popular zone  is Sol. This zone is a bit more expensive than the above mentioned and has many types of bars from the 'classic Spanish bars' for tourists to international bars and disco clubs. And finally, Two other zones, for going out at night are Santiago Bernabeuand avenida de Brasil. Both are places most visited during the summer for their outdoor terraces and live music.

Prado Museum, Madrid

museo prado 300x240 What to do in Madrid?The Prado museum is one of the most famous museums in the world, but it was not really intended as art. When King Carlos III in 1785 ordered the building he wanted to establish a museum of natural science. It takes long to build the building (almost 35 years) and when the museum was finished, was placed in art that was collected by the Spanish royal family.

The museum has an impressive collection of great masters Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez and El Greco. From Especially Goya there is very much to see. His early work consists of portraits of the family of King Carlos IV. Goya also had no success with the royal family, just look closely at how he painted the faces: the Unflattering are portrayed as silly and even an appearance immortalized.

The most famous works of the Prado is in the name of Velazquez: Las Meninas, a self-portrait while painting the king and queen perpetuates. This royal couple is seen in the mirror behind Velazquez. Picasso found this a great job and have some copies made​​.

Address:Paseo del Prado, Madrid
Hours:09.00-18.00 (closed Monday)
Entree: € 8.00

Alboroque Madrid Restaurant

Adress: Casa Palacio Atocha 34

alboroque madrid 300x257 What to do in Madrid?Are you looking for a restaurant for a romantic dinner? All you need to find two storey Alboroque. Andrea Madrigal, the highly creative chef of the restaurant, make each day six small meals and two desserts together and gives them names that sound mysterious, even in Spanish. The regular menu offers many specialties of European cuisine and some change every two to three weeks. The well-stocked wine list offers more than 400 wines. This restaurant has won the "Majore Restaurante 'award. And that´s right.






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