What to Eat in Amsterdam?

Rijsttafel. Plato típico de Amsterdam

When we travel, one of the greatest interests is the type of food you’ll find in this city that you will spend only a few days. One way to know the country is also to know their food. That is why during a visit to Amsterdam, we at Habitat Apartments recommend restaurants with a sign that has a bowl and the colors of Holland with the inscription "Neerlands Dish," this is truly indicative of great food being served at the establishment.

%name What to Eat in Amsterdam?Dutch cuisine is based on stews, soups, bacon, etc and so their kitchens generally involve a lot of caloric intake. Another characteristic of Dutch eating is their taste for Indonesian dishes, as Indonesia is a benchmark inspiration to their food. One of the most popular of these dishes is called "rijsttafel," it is originally from Indonesia but its made with major modifications in Holland.

Other dishes you should try during your stay are: pea soup (erwtensoep), potatoes and beef stew (hutspot) and croquettes (kroketten), meatballs made of fish, meat, or shrimp, or try shrimp highlighted in a fish sauce (garnalen).

Gouda and Edam cheeses are typical of Holland and are usually offered at breakfast. They are also great and tastey souvenirs.

 The Dutch tend to eat fairly light breakfasts and lunches, as dinner is the main meal of the day. At noon we find different places where snacks are served “eetcafes,” like crepes, stuffed pannekoeken, sandwiches, meat pies (saucijzenbroodje) and more! During dinner, between six and eight o'clock, a more complete meal will be served and is thus the ideal time to taste the dishes of the city.

For dessert, do not forget to eat some pancakes (pannekoeken) or apple pie (appelgebak). During your visit, let yourself lose at the Albert Cuyp market, you must  try the “stroopwafels” (caramel cookies).

And as for drinks, beer is the most consumed beverage, as well as gin. One of the most popular drinks is the “bols,” a type of gin bottled in ceramic, which is usually fragrant. Don’t miss out on the culture and cuisine of Amsterdam!

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