Where to eat in Rome?

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Where to eat in Rome?

pizza Where to eat in Rome?Rome is certainly not lacking in places to eat and the quality of dining is good on average, but Rome's true characteristic is the richness and variety of its culinary offer.

Choice includes the traditional flavours of various family neighbourhoods such as Testaccio and the refined cuisine of the Roman Jewish tradition found in the Ghetto, in which the multi-ethnic culture has been enriched in recent years with new smells and flavours.

Pizzerias are in abundance, in particular 'pizza al taglio' – slices cut on demand often with steaming mozzarella. Then, there are 'tavole calde' which are often rather rustic but offer good value and tasty food. Over the last few years, ARSIAL – the Lazio Regional Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture – has worked diligently to promote and publicise traditional Roman cuisine that uses ingredients from the Lazio countryside. Nonetheless, it is necessary to use care when selecting a restaurant, in particular when you are in tourist hot spots.

Tourists are advised to read the menu carefully, check prices, and review the final bill. Attention: Table service is often more expensive than counter service, which is valid both for bars and ‘tavole calde.’

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