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Habitat Apartments is proud of this news: A recently transformed blog "Your Next Stop", containing a guide for the cities Madrid, Rome, Florence & Amsterdam, is launched.

Everything needs a change at some point in time! Therefore, we decided to combine the 4 blogs for the 4 cities for the reason of simplicity. For sure, if you are for example interested in Rome, you might also be interested in Florence. To give you all necessary news at one glance about the 4 cities, we created a brand new blog just for you! – Much easier – more information – secrets… Everything for you!

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What you get
Secrets, events and festivals, popular shops, tips and local food; all this and even more you can expect from our blog. Madrid, Florence, Rome as well as Amsterdam are all exciting and beautiful cities. With a useful free guide, Your Next Stop is the best way to stay updated and get the latest news about all of the four cities. The blog is the perfect guide with personal experiences and interesting stories.

What you need to do
To stay updated, it is just necessary to follow this page: The address is finally the official one. To be even more updated, you can also your next stop like Your Next Stop is online!and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

Stay updated. Be informed. Get the latest news and secrets about Madrid, Florence, Rome and Amsterdam.
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What is Your Next Stop?

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