Madrid’s district, this month: La Latina

La Latina in Madrid

For this month, we will present you the La Latina quarter in Madrid.

La Latina and Sol are the oldest areas in Madrid and hold lots of history, which is represented in the narrow and winding streets (following the path of the water). Nevertheless, the atmosphere nowadays is young and vibrant, since it is the artistic heart of Madrid.

Tapas and Beers

El Viajero Carmen Voces flickr Madrid’s district, this month: La Latina

Illustration 1 El Viajero by Carmen Voces | flickr

La Latina is the perfect place for a tapas and beer crawl. Dotted full of tapas bar, we will mention only a few of them.

  • El Viajero – this establishment has three floors, that differ much from each other. The ground floor, the first floor (club-like), and the rooftop, The rooftop is perfect for enjoying tapas and the beautiful sunset. Be aware that El Viajero is very busy on Sundays.
  • Mercado de la Cebada – it is probably Madrid's most popular food market. Stroll around through the stands, and taste test some of the best tapas at Mercado de la Cebada.
  • Calle de Cava Baja – not a tapas bar, but a street. Just walk down this street, and explore the plenty tapas bars and restaurants. 

Iglesia San Andrés

Iglesia San Andrés is one of the oldest churches in Madrid. Of Arabic origin, this church has been restored and renovated several times over the year. It finally lost all its artworks due to a fire during the start of the Civil War. The exterior façade could have been reserved, and the interior was rebuilt by architects J. Vellés, M. Casariego and F. Posada between 1986-1990.


Basilica de San Francisco El Grande

BasilicaSanFranciscoctj71081flickr Madrid’s district, this month: La Latina

Illustration 2 Basilica San Francisco by ctj71081 | flickr

The imposing Royal Basilica of St. Francis the Great was built by Francisco de las Cabeza between 1761 and 1768. Its dome is estimated to be the largest in whole Spain, and the fourth lagrest in the world, with a diameter of 33m (108feet) and a height of 56m.

The church contains frescoes by Zurbarán and Francisco Goya.


El Rastro

ElRastroGenial 23 flickr Madrid’s district, this month: La Latina

Illustration 3 El Rastro by Genial 23 | flickr

Madrid's most famous and popular flea market, El Rastro, takes place every Sunday in La Latina quarter. This market dates back to 400 years ago, with stands selling all kinds of items, from clothes to vintage vinyls or absolutely unique and random items.

El Rastro is located along La Ribera de Curtidores street, which is also a steep hill. In the parallel streets, one can find specific items. The streets specialize themselves on different products.

For instance you can find paintings, art works, and related items on Calle de San Cayetano ("painters street").



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