La Tamborinada Barcelona ! 29/5/2011

parc de la ciutadella 2034a jpg 600x La Tamborinada Barcelona ! 29/5/2011The park La ciutadella is a really beautiful parc, the 29th of may it is even more beautiful because of La taborinada. This sunday from 11h till 19h the park is very festive. La tamborina is the most prominent cultural day in the spring season and a perfect for families to spend the day in the parc.

There are lots of fun activities for families and kids, like games. Also there will be clowns, theathre, concerts, magic, parades, circus, over more than 20 shows en 60 workshops. La tamborinada is very populair, especially for families with children.

 This day promotes history and language to young children.This annual event, now into its 34th edition, was set up as a fun alternative to boring teaching methods, and it’s obviously doing something right as approximately 90,000 visitors are expected to turn out this year!

When you visit Barcelona in may, we recommend you to go to La Tamborinada. You can find Parc la ciutadella near  the famose Arc the Triomph monument in  Barcelona. With  Habitat Apartments you can stay in a beautifull and confortable apartments near the city centre.

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