Las Arenas Shopping Centre Barcelona

Arenas de Barcelona

A very good choice from a nice shopping day!

arenasbcn 300x199 Las Arenas Shopping Centre Barcelona

The new  shopping centre Arenas de Barcelona, is an spectacular shopping mall in an lot bull fighting ring. It is located in Plaza España near to Fira Montjuic and the Magic Fountains.

The Arenas is an unusual place which combine shopping, cultural and recreation facilities. It is very attractive to tourist and general people because of its great architectural and its exalted historical value.Arenas shopping center 300x199 Las Arenas Shopping Centre Barcelona

At the roof the shopping centre has an amazing cupola terrace where whole family can enjoy the best view of Barcelona and the best food of a log list of restaurants.

Arenas has some of the tendry sops of Barcelona, gourmet shops and stylish home. Also the moll has the Barcelona Rock Museum declared a Cultural Heritage Property by  the Government  of  Catalonia.

Opening time: Mon to Sat 10:00 to 22:00 h.

Here is a video about the Arenas with some comments of  Luis Alonso, the architect.


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