Hot Jazz – a home you never want to leave!

Hot Jazz

Hot Jazz belongs to a new accommodation concept in Barcelona, called JAZZ BCN Apartments. Cool Jazz and Hot Jazz are both vacation rentals, which are inspired by the same named music genre. Hot Jazz, designed in a warm and earthy tone, is the perfect vacation home for families and group of friends. Thanks to its […]

Fantastic Apartments near Sagrada Familia!

Apartments near Sagrada Familia

The neighbourhood Sagrada Familia is of course best known for its same named basilica. The basilica's construction work started in 1881 and have not been finished yet. It is estimated that the giant basilica would be ready in 2026 – after 145 years of construction. Illustration 1 Sagrada Familia by olivier bucholz | flickr But besides […]

JAZZ BCN Apartments – a new accommodation concept!

JAZZ BCN Apartments logo

  JAZZ BCN apartments is a new concept of accommodation in Barcelona inspired by the musical genre with the same name. Influenced by the music genre and its extensive variety, the apartments portray two different styles – Cool Jazz and Hot Jazz. JAZZ BCN apartments buildings: Cool Jazz Apartments and Hot Jazz Apartments will be […]