December 2015 in Barcelona is a great opportunity to expierence the warm catalan Christmas culture.

Caga tio Barcelona 2015

December is the month of woolen sweatshirts, cozy blankets and hot beverages. It is time to forget the sweaty summer and enjoy the pleasant winter in one of europes greatest Cities. Caga Tio Catalan christmas is a bit different as the Christmas you are probably used to. One of the special Catalan traditions is ´Caga […]

August In Barcelona – Festival Season!!

August In Barcelona is the month of festivals so prepare yourself for experiencing some great Catalan traditions and some great parties! Image by Jaume Meneses La Festa Catalana Event date: Every Saturday from May to September 2014 at 7.30 pm Event location: Avinguda de la Catedral at Barcelona Cathedral in gothic area La Festa Catalana (The Catalan […]